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Solar Products


Today, we are living in the world of science and technology, which has managed us to develop a lot. But the development of technologies has generated several major problems, leading to increasing pollution, diminishing natural resources and unhealthy lifestyle. Pollution and continuously declining energy resources have emerged as a serious concern amongst the environmentalists and world leaders. Now, all the countries are engaged in searching never-ending energy resources for solving such problems. Solar energy is the best way of generating eco-friendly energy for all. This is the reason that solar energy is getting special attention in India as well as all around the world.

S.R.ELECTRONICS is a leader in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of premium quality solar energy equipments. The company has plunged into this sphere of business with an aim to bring awareness among the people for energy conservation. We are well known for our world famous eco-friendly solar power products comprising solar lantern, solar street lighting system, solar agriculture systems, solar home power systems, solar garden lighting, solar mobile charger, , etc.

Our company is passionate about delivering outstanding quality, excellent customer service and innovative product line, and we strongly believe that these are the main elements behind our success in this business. Ever since our inception in the field of manufacturing and supplying solar energy products, we have focused our expertise in producing best quality products at market leading prices.

Superior Quality
For the benefit of clients, through our excellent quality solar energy products, we are constantly working to manufacture products that meet their requirements. Our manufactured products are best in the market and perfect to meet every need of users. Our experts keeping in mind the best of your health specially design all the products. Our matchless quality of products makes us stand away from our competitors in this business. We deliver all the produced items within the stipulated time. We are also open to meet the individual specific requirements of our clients.

Our Mission
We have come out with superior quality products to maximize our clients' satisfaction and win trust. S.R.ELECTRONICS has entered this business with a mission to serve premium quality products such as solar lantern, solar street lighting system, solar agriculture systems, solar home power systems, solar garden lightings, solar mobile charger, solar cooling caps, solar torches, solar road studs, etc., to the complete satisfaction of its customers. Our intention has always been to benefit users through our high-end products and superb services.

We offer wide range of Solar Products. We manufactures solar pumps, AC and panels. Our miscellaneous products array has great demand in the market. All the products manufactured by us are cost effective and as per the needs of customers. Our products are known throughout the world for their unique quality. All the products are exclusive and easy to use.

Solar PV Charger Controller

Solar PV Charger Controller

SR Electronics manufacturing a wide range of solar PV charge controllers for solar home lighting systems, street lighting systems and for various solar PV applications.

Charge controllers, which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge are the essential components of Solar PV systems. SR Electronics introduces professional Solar Charge Controllers using the most innovative and state of the art Charge controllers,

which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge.

The solar charge controller uses PWM charging technology, so that as the battery reaches full charge, the PWM pulses slower, gradually tapering off the charge. Pulsing is good for the batteries since it gently mixes the electrolyte, preventing stratification and sulphation. Low voltage disconnect protects the batteries from severe discharge by shutting off loads before the battery voltage drops to damaging levels.

Application Solar electrification
Use Battery Charge controller
Operating temperature -10°C to 65ºC
Storage temperature -10°C to 85ºC
Charge controller type Micro controller based
Charging type Two step series PWM charging algorithm
Battery temperature compensation -3mV to -4mV/°C/cell
Solar Module size (Max.) 90Wp
Indications Charging, Low Battery , Full Charge
Nominal system voltage 12V DC
Charging current 6A
Load current 6A
Charge controller efficiency >95%
Idle consumption <5mA
Protections Against module reverse current flow, reverse battery and overload, short circuit, under and over voltage, under and over temperature
Fixing Wall mounting with screws
Case Injection Moulded Engineering Plastic
Connectors Heavy duty terminal connectors
Size (Shipping)(mm) 115 X 100 X 40
Weight (Shipping) 180gms

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Mini Solar Inverter

Mini Solar Inverter

We are a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Mini Solar Inverter that is manufactured using latest technology and provides break-through performance. We manufacture all types of UPS/Inverter, CFL Inverter, CFL Ups, Mini CFL Ups, Mini Inverter, 33 Watt UPS, etc. these Mini Solar Inverters are specially designed keeping in kind the varied requirements of the clients. 
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Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

We offer a range of solar inverters, which work like a regular inverter and have automatic change over from mains to battery and from battery to mains at the time of power cut. The inverter is made by using superior quality equipments and raw materials that provides a longer life. Some of the parts of our inverters include :

• Inverter circuitry
• Two level battery charging from mains
• Solar charge controllers

Salient Features

• Pure Sine Wave Output with no Total Harmonic Distortion (TDH)
• High End Micro controller based design.
• High Efficiency & High reliability
• Auto-reset resulting in efficient overload and short circuit protection.
• Battery pole reversal protection & battery deep discharge protection.
• High surge capability (upto 300%) for starting heavy load.
• Noiseless in operation
• User-friendly display


Our solar inverter finds application in the following areas.

• Fans, TV and Tube lights
• Computer , printer and Fax Machines
• Deep Freezer, Air Conditioners, Microwave
• Industrial Drive & Motors
• Telecom

Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern

ALTEK Solar Lantern comprises of solar module, battery, Electronics (PCB), CFL lamp, covered with high transparent chimney and fitted in ABS housing. The Solar Lantern is a portable light unit suitable for either indoor or outdoor covering 360° of omni light for daily use.

ALTEK Solar Lantern is a highly efficient portable light source, which gives an Omni directional bright light. The Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) module provided with each lantern, it charges the Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery which is fitted inside the lantern when the SPV module exposed to sunlight. The battery will supply power to the Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) whenever required.

Model SPV Module Battery Lamp + PCB (electronics) Charging Cable
SR Electronics Deep II A 12V 10WP 12V 7AH SMF 7W 4Pin CFL With Electronics 5meters 2core cable
SR Electronics Mini Deep 6V 3Wp/5Wp 6V 4Ah 3Watt/5Watt 4Pin CFL With Electronics 5meters 2core cable

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels
have always been the top most products of our company that has gained us recognition across the country. The technically advanced non conventional renewable energy based solar panels offered by us are ideal for use in industries as well as for household applications. The contemporary designs of these solar panels are the end result of our innovative approach.

use of solar panels solar panels are used widely for generating clean and renewable electricity, which can be sued for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Safe top use, solar panels are among the best portable sources of energy generation

Solar AC

Solar AC

We offer wide range of Solar AC. To provide air conditioning for commercial, administrative, public buildings sized from 200 m2???5000 m2. Especially, suitable for medium & small sized hotels, restaurants, office buildings and villas.
The functions of solar ac are:
Cooling, Heating (hot water for special orders)
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Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Our organization offers its clients with an expansive range of Solar Pumps that are used mostly in the irrigation sector, agriculture and other domestic, as well as industrial applications. These pumps are designed in well-facilitated manufacturing units as per the exact requirements and specifications of the client.
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